Design concept and spatial disposition:
Castell is defined by its outer Cyclopean masonry – within it, there are two puristic volumes with separated day and night quarters. The function of the masonry is to protect what is behind it and to allow carefully chosen views of the surroundings. The concept is derived from the spirit of dalmatian enclosed stone atrium-houses and contemporary need for flexible representational living quarters.

The design concept of „open space“ allows undisturbed flow of indoor and outdoor spaces, flexible orientation of the living quarters, achieved through usage of big glass curtain walls. The Cyclopean masonry has strategically positioned openings, which frame the view towards the sea on the north side and the garden on the south, visually enlarging the walled-in patio. All openings have a massive curtain wall, which offers maximal protection and intimacy to its host.

The day quarters are situated on the ground floor, with the main entrance on the east side of the masonry. Through its large glass curtain walls, the spatial living room is connected both to the front yard with barbecue area and the main garden in the back, with pool and sunbathing area. The dining room and kitchen are direct extension of the living room area. Behind the kitchen are the back-of-the-house (BOH) rooms – household, storage, lavatory and access to the garage. Living quarters continue further to the guestroom/study and sauna room with direct access to the pool area. Outside, along the west side of the masonry is a private parking lot, with capacity for 3x cars and a yacht (max. W=4,5m); in front of the house, there is a possibility of docking the yacht in the sea.

The living room has a two-storey area where one climbs the stairs up to the area with night quarters. Here one finds a gallery/parlour, outdoor lounge-terrace and 3 master bedrooms with their own lavatories. Each bedroom has a direct unobstructed sea view.

Outdoor areas are connected via continuous stairs along the inner side of the masonry. They connect the garden with the pool, and the sunbathing area on the ground floor to the lounge terrace on the first floor, and further on to the panoramic rooftop terrace. Here one finds protected oasis with jacuzzi-pool, outdoor bar, green roof and unique personal sea view.